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Port Elizabeth and surrounds has it all!

Port Elizabeth Tours
Guided tours from 1 to 3 days
Township Tours
Fishing trips (accompanied by personal assistants)
Ocean activities arranged (with professionals)
Horseback riding
4 x 4 Overnight Trips (accompanied by your personal assistant - vehicle available)
Wildlife Safaris (accompanied by your personal Guide - vehicle available)
Haunted Ghost Walks

Action days - Action Cricket, 10-pin bowling
Adventure Activities - Quad biking, river rafting, Bungee jumping , hiking trails, Mountain biking

Tours of Port Elizabeth can be arranged. Choices are dependant on your interests; choose from a Wildlife Tour, a Historical Tour, a tour of the casino and our stunning beaches or simply a Scenic Tour to give you an overview of our gorgeous city.

Guided tours.
Some visitors to our beautiful country prefer to be accompanied on guided tours. Ebubeleni offers the following daily and overnight guided tours:

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Township Tours are a must for visitors from other shores! Enjoy an evening at a local Township Tavern and visit the Red Location Museum which details the struggles of apartheid. Visit the Missionvale Care Centre to see the wonderful work done by Sister Ethel Normoyle, a Catholic nun of international fame. Sister Ethel started a school for the under-privileged under a tree and the Centre now boasts a school, a clinic, a church and a very successful knitting and sewing class as well as operating a feeding scheme for the poor.

Fishing trips (accompanied by professional).

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Ocean activities arranged (with professionals).

Horseback riding
There are a number of stables around Port Elizabeth that offer horseback riding. Feel the wind in your hair and take a horseback ride on the beach, or simply amble through our beautiful forests on the back of one of these magnificent beasts.

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4 x 4 Overnight trips (accompanied by your personal guide - our vehicle is available).
So its Wild Africa that you're after? We'll take you to the Baviaanskloff Nature Reserve and other local 4 x 4 routes in our fully equipped vehicle. Sleep by the camp fire and enjoy the balmy outdoors.

Wildlife Safaris (accompanied by your personal guide) - our vehicle available).

Always wanted to go on safari but don' t want to go on a scheduled commercial trip? Have the best of both worlds whilst enjoying the personal touch. Want to stay and watch the lion family for the entire day? You can do that! We can take you to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and the Kaokaveld, known as the last natural wilderness in the world! Sleep in roof-top tents, enjoy dinner by the fire whilst being watched by hyenas from a distance, and gaze at grazing herds with the morning sunrise! There's no other experience like it on earth.

Haunted Ghost Walks.
Enjoy a haunted ghost walk in the older historical parts of our wonderful city accompanied by a knowledgeable and entertaining guide.

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Action days.
Have your batteries re-charged and are you ready to go? If you're into expending some energy, enjoy Action Cricket, 10-pin bowling or spend a day at the Super-tubes. Return home tired and yet refreshed!

Adventure activities.
There are a number of adventure activities around Port Elizabeth and a little further south.

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Mountain biking (accompanied by your personal coach - bikes available). Enjoy the trails accompanied by a professional guide who knows the trails, areas of interest:


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