Far Nothern Kruger

This is a rather fascinating part of the Kruger National Park, not least because the habitats here are noticeably different from other areas in the Kruger.

Sightings of rare birdlife, the knocking sand frog, a collection of bats, the nocturnal bush pig and the rare Sharpe’s grysbok are attractions of the far north. There are samango monkeys, packs of endangered wild dog, and the major water pans across the Wambiya sandveld are a good place to sight tropical warm-water fish, such as the rainbow killifish, not found anywhere else in South Africa. The sandstone hills, just west of Punda Maria, is the only place where you can see the Natal red hare and yellow-spotted rock dassie, or hyrax.

Camps in this region are;

 Punda Maria


Bushveld Camps in this region are:



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