Table Mountain

Table Mountain is sculpted from sandstone and rises 1086 meters at its highest point. Its flat summit measures nearly 3km and provides breathtaking views over the city and its beaches.

The mountain contains a vast diversity of rich fauna and flora, many species of which are endemic and survive only in the unique ecosystem which is contained on the mountain. There are approximately 1470 species of plants, including over 250 different species of daisies!

Animals such as baboons and porcupines live here freely, as well as furry rodents know as Rock Dassies, whose closest living relative is the elephant! The Table Mountain Ghost Frog is an example of an animal found in no other place on the world.

Access to Table Mountain is via cable car which was first opened in 1929 and today conveys some 600,000 people to the summit annually. For those athletic and energetic types, there are some 350 recognised paths to the summit, some undemanding and suitable for children, and some extremely difficult.

Table Mountain is flanked on the east by the legendary Devil's Peak. “The story goes Van Hunks, a pirate in the early 18th century, retired from his eventful life at sea to live on the slopes of Devil's Peak. He spent his days sitting on the mountain, smoking his pipe. One day a stranger approached him, and a smoking contest ensued which lasted for days. The smoke clouds built up and a strong wind blew them down towards the town. When Van Hunks finally won the contest, the stranger revealed himself to be the Devil (hence Devil's Peak), and the two disappeared in a puff of smoke.” Legend says that the cloud of smoke they left became Table Mountain's tablecloth - the famous white cloud that spills over the mountain when the South-Easter blows in summer.

Of course, the phenomenon is also supported by a meteorological explanation. The moisture-laden South-Easter blows against Table Mountain from over the False Bay and rises. At a height of approximately 900 meters the winds reach the colder layers of air and thick clouds form. These clouds roll over the mountain and down towards the City Bowl. The characteristic tablecloth forms when the clouds reach the warmer, lower air layers and dissolve once more.

The right of Table Mountain, Kloof Nek is linked to the aptly named Lion's Head. Lion's Head in turn is connected by a lion's body to the rump known as Signal Hill. Signal Hill derives its name from the time when it was used as a semaphore post for communication with ships at sea. It is from here that the noon cannon are still fired every day. 

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