Central Kalahari

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve is literally the centre of Botswana, and is one of the largest game reserves in the world, covering an area larger than some European countries.

This reserve is characterised by saltpans, vast open plains, and ancient riverbeds. Varying from sand dunes with many species of trees and shrubs in the north, to flat bush veld in the central area, the reserve becomes more heavily wooded in the south, with mopane forests to the south and east.

The inhabitants of the Kalahari are commonly known as Bushmen, but are referred to as the San in Botswana. They have been resident in and around the area for thousands of years. Originally hunters and gatherers, the lifestyle of the San has gradually changed, with them mostly living in settlements, some of which are situated within the southern half of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

Deception Valley is all that remains of a sprawling riverbed that has long since dried up. Stretching across 80 km of the northern Central Kalahari Game Reserve, this valley is now covered with short grass, dotted by the occasional island of bushy trees. For the larger trees to survive the dry winters, their roots extend as far as 50 meters below the surface down to the water table.

The low canopies of these tree grove islands, usually made up of umbrella thorn (Acacia trees) and buffalo thorn (Ziziphus mucronata) provide shelter for game during the heat of the day and one can often see wildlife including lion dozing in the shade of these thickets.

Once the clear blue sky fills with gigantic clouds, the stage is set for an amazing transformation. After the summer rains arrive, the vast plains produce sweet grasses, making this one of the prime game viewing areas in Botswana.

Not many people are aware of this and visitors are few.

Here you will hopefully see the elusive brown hyena, as well as find thousands of oryx, springbok and wildebeest, with numerous predators in attendance (lion, cheetah, hyena and jackal). Game viewing in the Kalahari Desert is best between December and April, when the animals congregate in the pans and valleys.

We look forward to showing you this remarkable area. We have our own 4 x 4, and will tailor make a trip to suit your requirements. For groups of more than four guests, we will use two vehicles as well as an accompanying 4 x 4 trailer.

Our service is personalised. Transfers to and from your B & B, Guesthouse, Lodge, Hotel or Airport can be arranged, should you not be staying with us at "Ebubeleni".

For more information please feel free to contact us at info@ebubeleni.com. We can facilitate your arrangements and take you on that Safari of a Lifetime.

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