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Mountain Zebra National Park

The Mountain Zebra, Equus zebra, is a threatened species of equid native to south-western Angola, Namibia and South Africa. It has two subspecies, the Cape Mountain Zebra (E. z. zebra) and Hartmann's Mountain Zebra (E. z. hartmannae), though it has been suggested these should be considered separate species.

The Mountain Zebra National Park was proclaimed a National Park in 1937. This Park is situated about 12 km from Cradock, was proclaimed a National asset to save the endangered Cape mountain zebra's. The species is listed as Vulnerable under the IUCN Red List. The Cape Mountain zebra was hunted to near extinction with less than 100 individuals by the 1930s. In 1998 it was estimated that approximately 1,200 Cape mountain zebra survived, of which around 542 occurred in national parks, 491 in provincial nature reserves, and 165 in other reserves. However the population has increased to about over 2,700 in the wild due to conservation efforts. Both Mountain zebra subspecies are currently protected in national parks but are still threatened. There is a European zoo's Endangered Species Programme for this zebra as well as co-operative management of zoo populations worldwide.

Today, the national park seeks to conserve the unique biodiversity of the area and provides a haven for over 370 zebra, black rhino, buffalo and antelope such as eland, black wildebeest, red hartebeest, gemsbok and mountain reedbuck. Cheetah were introduced to the Park in 2007 and now number twelve after the birth of cubs early in 2008. About 200 bird species and many small mammal species are also found in the Park.

The Park also provides self-catering accommodation in two-bedroomed family cottages or the secluded Doornhoek guesthouse – a restored Victorian-style farmhouse dating back to 1838.

There is also a camping and caravan ground. Visitors can drive the Park’s tourist roads or take a guided game drive. Guided visits to San cave paintings in the Park can be arranged. Hiking trails include a 1 km Imbila route, 3 km route, 10 km Idwala Trail and the 3-day 27 km Impofu Trail. A restaurant and shop, as well as swimming pool and picnic sites are provided in the Park.

More information please feel free to contact us at, we can facilitate your arrangements, or take you on an overnight camping experience enabling you to enjoy the african night air.  

For more information on the park itself visit the sanparks website at zebra

Transfers to and from "Ebubeleni", your Lodge or Hotel can be arranged

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