Fishing in the Eastern Cape, its rivers and coastline…………..

“In for Fun" our boats name depicts what it’s all about –outdoor, fresh air, sunny skies, and loads of relaxation and fun. Port Elizabeth has some of the best fishing spots on offer in South Africa. Fishing on the sunshine coast is a memorable experience for all.

We aim to please….. (One of our mission statements), as such we will endeavor to provide you a memorable experience, whether you are a professional angler, or a first time fisherman, it’s all the same –

We are able to offer you river fishing, either from our boat or along the banks of the Kromme, Gamtoos, Swartkops, Sundays, Bushman’s, Kariega, Kasouga or Fish Rivers. (How is that for a fantastic collection of rivers and estuaries?)

Thereafter there is surf fishing – we have some of the best beaches in the world.







Fishing from the rocks "Rock Fishing", there is an abundance of coastline available for those whom prefer this to river or surf.

How about night fishing, either on one of the rivers, on the beach beside a campfire or outside the harbour on "In for FUN". We limit this to the bell Buoy and surrounding reefs - enjoy the sunset from our boat, whislt taking in the beauty of our city and beachfront lights whilst aboard “In for FUN”. Night fishing is different, whether you are on light tackle for elf or after those delicious “Geelbek”, they like to feed at night and on light tackle make this a worthwhile contest.







For those whom like the open oceans and either reef or deap sea fishing, "In for FUN" will leave from Port Elizabeth harbour and venture out to:

*   Slightly south to south east of the harbour and approximately 8 nautical miles is Cape Recife,  which is a lovely venue for both game and bottom fishing. In the past we have caught yellow tail whilst on the trawl.

*   We take trips out to St Croix Island, which is approximately 12 nautical miles away and offers very good bottom fishing, Close by is Sundays river mouth and then the shallow reefs off the Sundays coast where “Dageraad” fishing is superb.

*   Weather permitting approximately 14 nautical miles from the harbour is the RI banks, which at times offer exceptional fishing both whist trawling or engaging in bottom fishing. Geelbek, Yellow Tail and most bottom fish are taken here. There are times when the Yellow Fin Tuna come in close and feed here as well.

More information please feel free to contact us at, we can facilitate your arrangements, take you fishing (weather dependant) or for an overnight trip on the river, where you can sleep on our boat whist enjoying the african night air   

Fishing trips (accompanied by your personal assistant) can be arranged - Remember, we have our own boat - Transfers to and from your B & B, Guesthouse, Lodge or Hotel, should you not be staying with us at "Ebubeleni"

  • Off the Rocks
  • Sea fishing
  • River fishing
  • Surf fishing from the beach
  • Over-night or weekend boat trips
  • Day boat trips
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