Knysna Elephants

Elephant Experiences

Born out of the struggle of the elephants of the Knysna forest, Knysna Elephant Park’s aim has been to provide the best home possible to other elephants in need of one. Consequently they have created a free-range controlled environment, which means that the elephants get to walk and browse in the fields as they would do in the wild, however they do need handlers and guides with them constantly as they are living amongst and interacting with humans every day. Your experience of the elephants is therefore as natural as possible - we would never ask elephants to perform tricks or behave in a manner that is not natural to them.

In order to cater for all preferences Knysna Elephants have a range of inspiring experiences. Their Daily Tour provides a  short experience of meeting, feeding and interacting with the gentle giants. For longer experiences they offer Elephant Back Rides and Walks, while the Exclusive Sunrise / Sunset Safaris and Sun downers provide more private and intimate encounters.

Daily Tours leave on the half hour every day from 8:30 - 16:30 from their interactive visitors’ centre. Here you will be welcomed by their  well-trained and informative guides, and after viewing a short video presentation, their tractor and trailer will drive you through the fields to the elephants. Here you will have the opportunity to touch, feed and photograph the gentle giants. Elephants love eating, so don’t forget your bucket of elephant feed!

There are no barriers or fences to spoil your close encounter, so when the elephants choose to wander off into the field you are welcome to stay and watch them for as long as you wish.

In for a ride of a lifetime? try their Elephant Back Rides. A  once in a lifetime opportunity to ride one of these incredible creatures. After a briefing, their friendly guides will transport you down to the Lapa with its spectacular views of the Outeniqua mountain range - for further info please contact -

Transfers to and from "Ebubeleni", your Lodge or Hotel can be arranged
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