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Commercial ostrich farming started during the late 1880's in South Africa, this was also the start of the ostrich industry worldwide. The fashion demand in Europe for ostrich feathers inspired the growth of the industry, with the Oudtshoorn district quickly being established as the Ostrich capital of the world. During the first decade of the previous century, ostrich feathers gained record prices on foreign markets, ranking 4th on the list of South African exports, after gold, diamonds and wool.

The consequence of this newly found opulence meant that ostrich farmers were able to build beautiful sandstone mansions. A unique feature, of the experiences in Oudtshoorn. A visit to the Ostrich Palace,"Welgeluk," which was built on the Safari Farm at the height of the feather boom in 1910 is a worthwhile experience. This homestead is now a National Monument and a superb example of the type of architecture that was used at the time.

Ostrich Show Farms, were established more than 40 years ago.Experience life on a working Ostrich farm and even try your hand at riding one of these ‘Enormous flightless Birds’. Oudtshoorn is located at the foot of the Swartberg Mountains, which offer some of the most striking scenery this area has to offer.


We look forward to showing you this remarkable area. We have our own 4 x 4, and will tailor make trips to suit your requirements. For groups of more than four guests, we will use two vehicles as well as an accompanying 4 x 4 trailer.

Our service is personalised. Transfers to and from your B & B, Guesthouse, Lodge, Hotel or Airport can be arranged, should you not be staying with us at "Ebubeleni".

For more information please feel free to contact us at info@ebubeleni.com. We can facilitate your arrangements and take you on that Tour/Safari of a Lifetime

Although not necessary, but to accommodate different languages, it is preferable that we book this activity in advance



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