Shark Diving

Great White Shark Cage Diving

Many travelers venture to South Africa’s Garden Route and Eastern Cape region to experience the thrill of entering into the water with one of nature’s most fearsome creatures ~ The Great White Shark ~ With its rows of razor sharp teeth and imposing size, the Great White is one of the largest predators to swim our oceans and the Garden Route’s town of Mossel Bay is the perfect place from which to take an ocean trip to experience these magnificent and awe-inspiring creatures.

Diving with Great Whites means that you will be able to behold these gigantic creatures in an un-crowded environment. The only competition for these sharks’ attention are the seals. Board the well-appointed boat, which is custom built for shark cage diving and embark on an unforgettable and educational adventure.

A typical trip to see the Great White begins at the jetty breakfast incl. and a briefing with the friendly and knowledgeable staff, who take you on your shark cage diving adventure.

Mossel Bay has the most accessible Great White Sharks in the world. The water is baited and chummed to attract the sharks and only natural marine products are used. It can take a while for the first sharks to appear and while the success rate of seeing Great Whites are high, guests need to understand that nothing is guaranteed

Once the sharks are circling, the cage is lowered into the water and your adrenaline rush begins! This is truly the most breath-taking experience you will ever live to remember. Viewing from the deck is just as exciting for the non-divers, as Great Whites swim very close to the surface and there will be plenty of opportunity to take some ‘action shots’.

It is preferable that we book this activity in advance

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