Cango Crocodile Ranch

Three kilometers outside town, the Cango Crocodile Ranch offers visitors a rare opportunity to interact with hand-reared cheetahs and to play with Bengal tiger cubs. For the adventurous the ranch also offers cage diving with crocodiles or the chance to wrap yourself in a python.

The entrance of the ranch itself is an attraction in itself.

The tour begins by taking visitors through the Valley of the Ancients, and allowing them to look at various animals in their own environment. The Zimbakwe Temple Ruins is a tropical house and home to colossal fruit bats, duiker, flying foxes, birds of paradise and an underwater tank where you can observe Malawian cichlids and baby Nile crocodiles.


Next is the Malawian forest exhibit, home to beautifully coloured Red river hogs and giant monitor lizards, with the tour venturing over the Snapper gorge. via a hang bridge whilst underneath 4 meter long Nile crocodiles keep a watchful eye as tourists cross the bridge.


The Valley is the only place in the world to offer Croc Cage Diving, allowing those whom would like to get wet the opportunity of getting a little closer to the inhabitants.

Lemur Island depicts the Madagascan environment where the rare Madagascar Ring-tailed Lemur shares its home with a group of flamingos.

Although showcasing many animals from many places around the world, the Congo exhibit reminds us that Africa too has many unique and exciting animals and introduces visitors to Hilda and Herbert, two pygmy hippos. A spotted neck otter is the limelight at Otter Waterfall.


The tour is completed at Cheetah land. A raised wooden walkway allows visitors a bird’s eye view of cheetahs, white lion cubs, jaguars, lions and white tigers. The Natural Encounters Program allows visitors the opportunity to even a Bengal tiger cub or stroke a cheetah.

An important aspect of the Cango Ranch is its Cheetah Conservation Foundation, which established in 1988, has become a world renowned cheetah breeding facility whose aim is to ensure the continued survival of the cheetah and other endangered species.

We look forward to showing you this remarkable area. We have our own 4 x 4, and will tailor make trips to suit your requirements. For groups of more than four guests, we will use two vehicles as well as an accompanying 4 x 4 trailer.

Our service is personalised. Transfers to and from your B & B, Guesthouse, Lodge, Hotel or Airport can be arranged, should you not be staying with us at "Ebubeleni".

For more information please feel free to contact us at We can facilitate your arrangements and take you on that Tour/Safari of a Lifetime

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