Kruger Park - Things to Do

Game Drives

Relaxing game drives are what the Kruger National Park is all about, be this in your own vehicle, or on a tour. If you’re on a Kruger Park holiday then the highlight of any day is venturing out on the back of an off-road vehicle.

All camps provide regular game drives with an experienced ranger, either early morning or late afternoon (night drive). Most of the game drives last around 3 hours, and usually include a coffee break, breakfast or sundowners in the bush as part of the game drive experience.

Bush Walks

Nothing can possibly beat the heart stopping excitement of walking in the bush with an experienced guide who will explain all the fauna and flora, whist possibly tracking rhino, elephant and lion spoor (footprints) on foot through the bush.

It’s also one of the most incredible ways to learn about the fragility of the ecosystems of the Kruger Park and to see the smaller, but in no way less exciting, animals and insects of the park like termites, spiders, snakes and plants that tend to be ignored as they are more difficult to see when in a vehicle.

Bush walks can last up to four hours and stops are made to allow replenishment and a chance to take in the beauty of an area. In the Kruger Park it’s advisable to take your own snacks and sunscreen and most of the camps do morning and afternoon walks.

Wilderness trails

There are a few incredible wilderness trails in the Kruger National Park, some in areas virtually untouched by humans, with names like Metsi-Metsi, Napi, Massingir and the Sweni Wilderness.

Most of these trails are about 3 days with 2 overnights in rustic huts with basic ablution in reed-walled showers and flush toilets.

For more information on these trails please visit the San Parks website.

The Lebombo overland trail

This incredible five-day 'wilderness experience on wheels' takes you from Crocodile Bridge to Pafuri, and deserves a mention here. It’s an eco trail that takes you along the eastern boundary of the Kruger National Park along the Lebombo hills (hence the name) from the extreme south to the farthest northern edge.

It’s a self-drive eco trail – you man your own vehicle and cater for yourself.

Experienced and professional guides will lead the trail and interpret the different eco zones and explain the terrain on this trail, rated as the best in southern Africa purely because of the rich diversity of fauna and flora en route.

More information please feel free to contact us at we can facilitate your arrangements, and take you on Guided Tour of Kruger National Park.   

Transfers to and from your B & B, Guesthouse, Lodge or Hotel, should you not be staying with us at "Ebubeleni" can be arranged.

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